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Jul 21, 2012 11:35pm EDT
outside james holmes apartment on saturday. >> this is a trip wire was set up to detonate when somebody entered that apartment. it was set up to kill that person. >> the aurora community is in shock after he opened fire during a screening of "the dark knight rises." 12 people died in nearly 60 hurt. three service members were among the victims, including john larimer. he joined the navy last year. alex sullivan also shot and killed. some of the victims look back on the quarter. -- the horror. >> a few centimeters there and i do not think i would have left the theater. >> i had my face down on the ground and i stayed as still as possibly could. i prayed and i prayed and he fired off a couple more rounds. then he laughed. >> police arrested holmes at the scene. he is expected to appear in court on monday. a steady stream of people come to make -- pay their respects at the memorial. the city is planning an official vigil tomorrow evening. >> we are learning now that president obama will be in attendance for that vigil. he will visit colorado tomorrow. but we are continuing to follow any ne
Jul 28, 2012 11:35pm EDT
. a private service was held in lake, ill.. a court document filed friday was a james holmes patient of the university of colorado's psychiatrist. expected to be formally charged on monday. >> her family has set up a scholarship in her name. >> the call rodham movie theater has sparked a renewed debate over gun control -- the movie theater massacre debaterked a renewed over gun control. romneynt obama and mitt issue thist the week. we recognize the traditions of gun ownership, hunting and part of the .herished national heritage believe that gun owners ak-47s belongthat in the hands of soldiers, not in of criminals. >> the real point has to relate individuals that are distressed and to keep them from terrible acts. >> this week, at an extensive punishment following the jerry child sex abuse the schools did received the harshest penalty in 25 years. >> the signs gathering at the spot where is joe paterno statue filled with emotion. >> it breaks my heart. this is not what joe paterno was about. yesterday, university ordered the statue .emoved today, n.c.a.a. hit the football pro
Jul 22, 2012 11:35pm EDT
. james holmes is scheduled to appear in court monday. for this grieving community, many at the prayer vigil say they want to focus on stories of courage and strength, not evil and despair. in aurora, colorado. >> more about these issues tonight. >> joining us now is a reporter from politico. we heard president obama talk to families in aurora in colorado. he obviously showed sympathy and shared their morning. he -- their mourning. he was ambiguous about the issue of gun control which has been popping headlines. >> he stayed away from the subject. but at the very end of his remarks outside the hospital where the victims were, he said something to the effect that we should talk about doing something to prevent this type of senseless violence. he did not say what. most political observers go toward gun control. this is something gun control advocates have been very disappointed with the president over. they thought he would at least push for reauthorization of the assault weapons banned -- bam that expired in 2004. not only has he not done that, but he has signed into law changes that al
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3